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a lot of the land had been given more than to wheat-growing → la mayor parte de la tierra estaba destinada a la cultura del trigo

the entrance webpage was given in excess of to your report on → la primera página estaba dedicada a un informe sobre ...

→ geben; to give anyone one thing or a little something to any person → jdm etw geben; they gave us meals and consume → sie gaben uns zu essen und zu trinken; the teacher gave us a few routines → der Lehrer hat uns drei Übungen gegeben or (as homework) → aufgegeben; we had been given 3 workouts → wir haben drei Übungen bekommen or (as homework) → aufbekommen; she was given a sedative → male hat ihr or ihr wurde ein Beruhigungsmittel gegeben; they gave us roast beef for lunch → sie servierten uns Roastbeef zum (Mittag)essen; I’d give a good deal/the planet/something to grasp … → ich würde viel/sehr viel/alles darum geben, wenn ich wüsste, …; what wouldn’t I give to generally be such as you → was würde ich nicht darum geben, so wie du zu sein; to give any individual 1’s chilly (inf) → jdn mit seiner Erkältung anstecken; to give nearly as good as 1 gets → sich kräftig wehren; he gave all the things he had (fig) → er holte das Letzte aus sich heraus ?

Some may argue they manufactured a oversight and attempted to make up for it, but it absolutely was nevertheless a large cash lie that confident many people to obtain.

give - result in to own, inside the summary feeling or Bodily feeling; "She gave him a black eye"; "The draft gave me a cold"

give - transfer possession of a little something concrete or summary to someone; "I gave her my cash"; "could you give me classes?"; "She gave the children tons of affection and tender loving treatment"

two. to produce (some thing). Cows give milk but horses usually do not; He gave a chat on his travels. gee, hou يُعْطي، يُنْتِج давам fazer dávat; mít geben give δίνω, παράγωdar andma تولید کردن؛ دادن tuottaa donnerלתת उत्पन्न करना proizvoditi, stvarati ad menghasilkan framleiða, gefa af sér dare 産する 생산하다 duoti dot mengeluarkan gevengidawać تولیدول،ورکول fazer a make давать dávať; mať dajati, dati davati ge, frambringa, hålla ทำให้เกิด vermek 生產 давати پیدا کرنا sinh ra; cho 生产

abandon, give up - halt keeping or insisting on; of Suggestions or promises; "He deserted the thought of asking for her hand in marriage"; "Each side have to give up some claims in these negotiations"

soon after months of strain his wellbeing gave way → después de meses de tensión su salud se vió afectada

1. to trigger to get. My aunt gave me a e-book for Christmas; Are you able to give me an viewpoint on this? gee يُعْطي давам dar dát geben give δίνωdar, regalar andma دادن antaa donnerלתת देना dati, pokloniti ad memberi gefa dare 与える 주다 duoti dot; sniegt beri gevengidać وركول، بخښل dar a da дарить; давать dať dati dati ge ให้ more info vermek 給 давати مہیا کرنا cho; đưa 给

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Give is usually utilised to describe Bodily actions. Whenever you use give similar to this, set the oblique item in front of the direct item. For instance, say 'He gave the ball a kick'. Really don't say 'He gave a kick to the ball'.

produce, find the money for, give - be the lead to or source of; "He gave me many difficulty"; "Our meeting afforded A lot appealing information"

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